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Planning a spectacular celebration in Ottawa or Gatineau? Look no further than our exclusive range of custom birthday cakes – the ultimate way to elevate your special occasion, be it a joyous birthday extravaganza or a memorable party for friends and family. At Cheer Me Up!, our commitment is to bring your vision to life with a delightful fusion of creativity and flavor.

Our extensive collection of custom cakes is not just limited to birthdays; it's an exquisite addition to any special event. Whether you're dreaming of a cake that echoes a favorite hobby, a beloved character, or a specific theme, our talented bakers can craft a masterpiece tailored to your desires. From elegant tiered cakes to playful, themed designs, we pride ourselves on transforming your ideas into edible works of art.

Custom cker

But that's not all – we don't just stop at birthday cakes. We offer a delectable array of additional products to make your celebration even more special. Picture this: a table adorned with scrumptious cupcakes, each meticulously decorated to complement your theme. Our cupcakes come in a variety of flavors, ensuring a delightful surprise for every palate. And if you're seeking a show-stopping centerpiece, consider our custom cakes – intricately designed to suit your event, from anniversaries to retirements.

What's more, we've recently added a touch of sweetness to our repertoire with the introduction of artisanal marshmallow creations. These fluffy, flavorful delights are the perfect addition to your dessert spread, offering a whimsical and mouthwatering experience for your guests.


Hearts birthday cake

Now, let's talk convenience. Worried about the logistics? Fret not! Our delivery services cover the entire Ottawa and Gatineau area, ensuring your custom creations reach you in pristine condition. We even extend our reach to most hotels or restaurants for a small fee, taking the hassle out of your event planning.

Ready to turn your vision into a delectable reality? Share your cake, cupcakes, or mini cake ideas by emailing us at or give us a call at (613) 596-0404. Our dedicated team is here to turn your dreams into delicious memories. And if you're feeling a bit undecided, don't hesitate to reach out – we specialize in guiding you through the design process, ensuring your Ottawa Custom Cake is nothing short of extraordinary. Let the celebration begin!

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