About Us

How it all began?

As a family, we always had a well-developed sense of taste for sweets in particular. Marina, the founder of Cheer Me Up! decided to take it a step further and share her sweet tooth and confectionary abilities.
After a career in high-tech corporations for the last 15 years, she raised three children (who grew up on a kitchen countertop) with a passion for preparing everything from scratch with the top quality products and satisfaction with eating what they made from scratch.
Marina started up the Cheer Me Up! to fulfill her and her family's dream, and bring the gospel to the world.


Why are we here?

Cheer me Up! is a family business, started with a sole purpose: to deliver the best, sweetest experience there is. We offer you bites of happiness. It's all over- we want you to enjoy the look, taste, and feel. We do everything it takes to make the experience special.

In Cheer Me Up, you will find all your favourite flavours. You will always find something for yourself for your family and friends. And this is why every recipe contains a few secret ingredients- a spoon of dreams, a cup of fun, and a pinch of love.
We are here to cheer you up. Whether you are having a good time with your family or just had a hard day, or maybe you are busy planning your next steps, we have what you need to focus on and keep going, the perfect sweet treat for you and your loved ones.